The First Ride

The First Ride

Ahh, the first electric bike ride in Whitefish...

Memories of your childhood BMX bike, pulling wheelies and jumping peddles. Or perhaps you see an image of E.T. in the basket with his best pal, Elliott. Or maybe it's even Lance Armstrong pumping across the finish line. However you envision yourself, here’s the good news: You’re going E-Biking in Whitefish! 

Pedal a bit, tap the throttle with your thumb, maybe pedal some more. Aim for the uphill climbs, or point it for the downhills. You know why? Because it doesn’t really matter. On an e-bike, it’s all a very good time. Furthermore, on our new fleet super fun and reliable Rad Electric Bikes, you’re going to go far.

But before you go, get into the know. We all just want to get out and “get lost” (a frequently delivered line here in the valley, almost always with a smile) - and to do that properly, it is prudent to prepare – just a little bit.

So, do you have your helmet and has it been adjusted properly (all of ours are fully adjustable)? Did you bring a couple of different layers like a sweatshirt? Windbreaker or shell? How about water? And sunscreen? Sunglasses? Your cell phone? Bonus points if you intentionally left that behind.

Now, where are you going? Into town? Or out of town? Maybe you’re “Going to the Sun Road” reaching the top of Logan’s Pass?  And back down again at 35 mph? (our lawyer says we shouldn’t promote speeding). If you want some proper maps and serious notes about fun, try out this Biking Guide to Whitefish from the good folks at the Coleman Concierge. >>

Now armed with your gear, and your knowledge, it’s go time. In the immortal words of Rick Ocasek, “Let the Good Times Roll.”

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