Why we LOVE our E-Bikes

Why we LOVE our E-Bikes

Unless you’ve been snoozing for the past few years, you’ve not doubt come to learn about these radical new 2-wheel rides that pedal you faster, longer, and more efficiently than their centuries-old predecessors. E-Bikes used to be so future, but now they’re becoming mighty present.

This is part of the reason that we started Good Times Supply Company – the demand from people of all ages to get out and have fun experiencing new people and new places. That’s not all though. With their impressive range and climbing ability, E-Bikes are leading to fewer cars on the road. That means a greener earth, and it also means less battling for those coveted parking spaces inside our National Parks.

More pedaling and fun, less sitting around frustrated.

That concept applies to touring parks, but also to getting to the surf spot, trail-head or coffee shop first. Because you’re always faster on E-Bike.

And we haven’t even discussed the fact that you can carry beer on these SO much more easily. Throw it in the pack, or throw them on the back – of our Rad Wagons. No problem!

If you’re still a skeptic though, it’s ok. We’ve all been there. I honestly never thought that I would enjoy riding anything more than my road bike, a 2018 BMC Team 2 designed and built in the Swiss Alps for climbing up the steepest of peeks. Then one day, a nice old lady flew past me on an E-Bike.

“Pardon me – just here on your left,” she apologized with a wave and quick smile.

“Seriously?” my brain asked my heart and legs.

Minutes later, as our 5-degree incline began to flatten, I realized the simple truth. I would never catch up to that sweet Baby Boomer.

Today’s modern E-Bikes operate on lithium power and provide their riders with a range of more than 20 miles on the lowest side. While some have gears and some do not, all have a throttle that provide “pedal assist.” This means that you’re working half as hard to pedal, and/or that you don’t need to even pedal at all.

Of course, the hardcore will balk at gaining any assistance whatsoever – and we don't blame them. But they would undoubtedly need to admit that E-Bikes improve access to a wider swath of rider types (any and all ages and nearly any fitness level). They also can assist you with adventuring nearly anyplace with a proper trail.

Add to all of the above that E-Bikes can have accessories like large luggage racks (our Rad Wagons, for instance), fat tires, headlamps and super comfy seats and grips. We’re talking about cruising in style.

Perhaps this is why we are seeing such an explosion in this new and exciting category of 2-wheel products here in North America.

We’re not asking you to take our word for it though. Grab a bike and take a spin up to the top of Whitefish Ski Area or even Going to the Sun road in Glacier National Park. Race past the traditional road and mountain bikers who are panting amidst sips off their Camel-Bak backpacks.

You may find yourself politely saying, “pardon me – on your left – thanks.”

See you on the road!

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